The 21st Annual Run for Knowledge will be virtual this year!


We encourage all of our families to participate in this beloved tradition.


The deadline to order shirts has passed, but you may still enter pledges here. Shirts will be distributed outside of 276 from June 7 - 10.


Race week is June 11 - 18Gather your friends and family, wear your shirts, and get out there and run, walk, skip, stroll, or scoot along a one mile course. Mark your time, take photos and videos, and post your results to Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #RUNBPC2021. Participants are also encouraged to submit photos and videos to R4K@BPCSCHOOL.ORG for inclusion in a schoolwide video. Last day to post pics will be June 18.


Why RUN BPC?  The PS/IS 276 PTA raises funds to fill the gaps left by the NYC Department of Education’s budget. Over the past year, budget cuts and decreased enrollment have widened those gaps.


The Run for Knowledge raises critical funds that will enable our school to continually adapt as we face the unprecedented challenge of switching between in-person, hybrid, and remote learning, and to respond to the needs of our children as we work to get back to "normal". 


As we strive to rebuild and strengthen our 276 community, our children will need not only strong academic skills and diverse enrichment programming but also social-emotional programs, professional development for our teachers, school supplies, and updated technology. 


Ask friends and family to sponsor you on your run!  Share this link to solicit pledges: 


We want you to RUN!  If you need financial assistance to participate, please reach out to Sabrina at